4th – 5th

Route 45 is our ministry specifically designed for 4th and 5th graders.  Our goal is to provide a secure environment, where 4th and 5th graders can:

-Learn relevant truths about our God.

-Take what they have learned about God and apply it to their life.

-Feel valued and accepted

-Have fun doing so.

Take some time to check out Route 45 the next time you are with us, or look at our online resources.  Here you’ll find a great description of the different ministry environments our 4th-5th graders get to experience.  We believe each of these areas go a long way in connecting each child with Christ by communicating God Word through loving volunteers and exciting large group services.  We hope you check them out!

Small Groups

On Sunday mornings at 9:15, 4th and 5th graders meet in Room 1461 (formerly Founder’s Food Court)  After engaging in a variety of activities, such as video games, arts & crafts, and board games, the kids are dismissed to their small groups.

Our small groups are designed to provide a fun environment where kids can experience a variety of learning activities. The children in each group receive prayer, encouragement and instruction from leaders, who have a passion for helping kids learn at their level.

Large Group

Our Sunday morning large group service is held each week at 11:00 in Room 1491.  It is designed to provide a fun, high-energy environment.  Every service features games, video clips, music and teaching that are crafted to help children learn core truths that will impact their everyday lives.

Where are we located?

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