1st – 3rd

Welcome to 1st-3rd grade, or otherwise known as Kid Central.  We have a passion for seeing 1st-3rd graders come to love and follow Jesus with everything that their lives. Our ministry is specifically designed for 1st-3rd graders.

Our goal is to provide a secure environment, where 1st-3rd graders  can:

-Learn relevant truths about our God.
-Take what they have learned about God and apply it to their life.
-Feel valued and accepted.
-Have fun doing so.

Kid Central exists to DIRECT kids into a relationship with Jesus Christ and to INSPIRE them to worship Him daily. Leaders will provide opportunities for them to RELATE with other kids and EQUIP them to serve God through their gifts and abilities. As kids begin to CONNECT God’s truth to their lives, they will be challenged to TELL others in their community about Christ.

Take some time to check out Kid Central the next time you are with us.  We are located in the Liberty Christian Academy area, (see our map below).

What we teach:

Everything we do is focused on seeing our children grow as a follower of Christ.  Even at the youngest of ages we begin teaching and modeling the importance of following Jesus, as well as these 6 values.

1.      The Bible is God’s Word to Us

2.      We can talk to God through prayer.

3.      Worship is loving God with our heart, mind, soul, and strength.

4.      Love others just as Jesus loves us.

5.      Showing Jesus our love by serving Him.

6.      Doing our best for Jesus

Campus Map